Religious Art & Archaeology Photographs

Beth M. Sheppard, an amateur photographer, has created a publically accessible collection of images that are a featured collection in the Duke Divinity School archive.  Using a simple “point and shoot” Samsung, the goal of the project is to document the material and artistic remains at sites in various countries.

The photos, which are raw and unedited, were taken in order to serve as a resource for educational purposes. The collection primarily includes photos that assist in conveying regional flavor (politics, economics, historic landmarks), shots of buildings/sites used for religious worship, images of sites mentioned in religious texts and so forth.  The Religious sites in Turkey and Israel predominate, but photos from China, Italy and other countries will be added.

Items in this collection are all available via a Creative Commons "Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 4.0 International" license. Please check the description of individual photos for the names of the photographer as some of the students who were enrolled in Sheppard’s travel courses also contributed images to the collection.